join the bike patrol

Questions about the Bike Patrol?

​If you are interested in joining the Bike Patrol or have any questions, fill out your contact information below.

​      Requirements

  • ALL National Ski Patrollers are welcome to join the Bike Patrol!  You can be from any patrol, but you must have your NSP membership, OEC, and CPR cards current!
  • Purchase Shirt through Roger Copt
  • Bike Helmet any color, Mandatory
  • Black Bike Shorts or Black Bike Pants, weather dictated
  • Black Gloves, optional
  • Patrol Pack with first-aid supplies​    

                (click for recommended supplies)


       Next Steps

  • Once you have signed up for the Bike Patrol through Roger Copt, please print the Parking Information Card for your vehicle's dashboard.  You can print this on either regular paper or a large index card. 
  • Sign in and sign out by calling the Park Police.  The telephone number is listed on the bottom of the Parking Information Card.
  • IMPORTANT!  Print the Standard Operating Procedures for more  detailed information!​