Once you have passed the OEC Course and become a National Ski Patrol member, you must satisfy annual requirements:


To maintain your membership as a National Ski Patrol member, you must satisfy these annual requirements. Dates will be posted on the DVSP Calendar/Events page.

1.  Annual Instructor OEC Refresher Training (for OEC Instructors).

2.  Annual Patroller OEC Refresher Training (for all National Ski Patrol members).  DVSP holds their annual OEC Refresher Training the first Sunday in October at 8:00 AM.

3.  Annual CPR Refresher Training ("Professional Course") combined with the Chair Lift Evacuation Training at Alpine Mountain.

4.  Annual dues for NSP and DVSP will be collected on or before the Annual Patroller OEC Refresher Training (first Sunday in October). 

5.  Annual Ski and Toboggan Refresher Training at Alpine Mountain.  

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The NSP (National Ski Patrol) is the primary provider of medical educational programs for the patrollers who care for the snowsports public.  OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care) technicians are trained to provide emergency care for environmental illnesses and injuries, spinal injuries, and ski/snowboard and other outdoor injuries.  All individuals completing this course are given a 3-year certification that notes course completion of all knowledge and skill objectives.  Management personnel at nearly all mountain and nordic resorts in the United States recognize the value of this OEC education program and use the completion of the course as a prerequisite for becoming a patroller.